Gewurztraminer - Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim - Doux / Sweet

Grape variety:


Parcels situation: 

Just outside the medieval city of Bergheim, this vineyard extends over the steeply sloping face of the Grasberg hillock at an altitude between 220 and 330 m. Thanks to its south exposure and its main mass of the Vosges, the site has a warm temperature microclimate. Situated at the margin of the Ribeauvillé fracture zone, the soil is made with lower and Mid-Jurassic fossil-rich limestones and marls, often reddish, very stony, shallow in depth but with quite good water retention capacity. The Altenberg has been renowned for its fine wines since the end of 13th century.

Vineyard work : 

The exploitation is led according to the mode of the Organic Agriculture, controlled by ECOCERT - FR-BIO-01.
Organic wine.

Tasting :
- Colour : Gold yellow, amber reflect, brilliant, oily, important presence of tears.
- Aromas : Very open nose, with very important flavours of youth (Passion fruits, orange, skin, roses and lychees) and some spiced notes (cinnamon, nutmeg). Interesting part of overriped fruit smell. Light nuances of toast, of leaven. 
- Mouth : First taste suave, unctuous and delicate freshness, intensive aromatic expression, flavours very persistent of passion fruits, lychees, almond paste. Quince and dried banana, toast notes. Floral, fruity and heady. Interesting structural bitterness. Delicate and persistent wine.

Advices :
- Wine and food harmony : This wine of character will accompany superbly cheeses with character (munster, roquefort, goat). It will emphasize the chocolate desserts with nappages, the dry tarts, biscuits, almond pastes, the fruit salads. Admirable in partnership with the exotic cooking (Asia, the Antilles). Very fine with goose liver. Also appreciate alone, with aperitif. 
- Service temperature : 10°
- Ageing : 15 years

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