Welcome to our beautiful region

Alsace now that’s what I call a colourful region, down to the half-timbered houses that sport their identity with fierce pride. Nevertheless, there are also hidden treasures to be found outside of the region’s best-known towns and villages. Located in the centre of Alsace, at the foot of the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg,, Rorschwihr is one of those small villages possessing a seemingly discreet character that chimes somewhat ambiguously with wisdom, sobriety and distinction.

Its history is rich in encounters. The quality of its soils and wines has been described in writings since 742 and many illustrious people have shared the pleasure of tasting the famous wines of Rorschwihr (Pépin le Bref, Clément III,...).

A symbole, a style

Sited at the entry to the village, the estate Fernand Engel looks down from its hilltop location, its modern look offering a striking contrast to its surroundings. As soon as you arrive, your unreserved attention will be captured by a statue thrust high into the sky, with its arms opened wide before you.

This angel is the very symbol of our name. This figure embodies par excellence the qualities of Fernand Engel wines which make them charming and successful: Femininity, Finesse, Freshness, Elegance, Balance and Ecology.

The place is full of life

The Fernand Engel estate is not just a building. It is a place full of life, a place of creation.

After a hard year’s work, the men in the shade welcome the grapes into the cellar. Thanks to their experience and know-how, they understand that it is by respecting the raw material, by listening to it, that they will support and supervise the genesis of the wine as naturally and as faithfully as possible.

These wines that we love so much are born here, and it is here too that we like to share them.

The tasting area is open to you

The place is warm and conducive to exploring. Personal discoveries or festive sharing, the expert wine taster armed with his glass, the gourmet attentive to the harmony of food and wine, friends happy and at table, families looking forward to the next family celebration. All those who are curious about and love wine can really relax here as they sample the wines from our production.

From the panoramic tasting room, the view over the Alsace plain vineyards and the Black Forest is breathtaking. Come and discover our wines in this welcoming place!

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