News about the Vines

This is the trellising period. This viticultural technique involves guiding the vine shoots, during vegetative growth, through a series of metallic wires.
One of the objectives is to increase the efficiency of photosynthesis by optimising the leaf area exposed to the rays of the sun. Between a vine crawling on the ground and a trained plant, the leaf surface correctly exposed to the sun is very different.

In addition, the fact of having vegetation directed upwards, facilitates the passage of the soil tilling, fertilisation or spraying equipment.

Wine news

Launch of the Renaissance range: it is a range of dry, very concentrated wines resulting from an unusual and unique production method.

The grapes are picked very ripe and part of the harvest is placed on racks. These grapes will be raisined for 3 months.

At the beginning of December, these grapes will be reincorporated into the first wine. These bunches will infuse for 3 months and release tannins and some discreet sugars. The wine will thus gain in richness and complexity.

Press news

Crémant Chardonnay 2014: voted best sparkling wine by the prestigious Finnish magazine VIINIOPAS for the year 2018

Crémant Chardonnay: voted best Crémant d'Alsace on sale in Sweden for spring 2018

Exhibition news

* Janvier, Février 2019 : Pays-Bas, Mini-expositions Suède, Finlande, Norvège

* 17-19  Mars 2019 :  ProWein Düsseldorf

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