Some key dates...

Back in his tender childhood, Fernand used to skip about the vineyards. At harvest time, he followed his father and climbed up to the small family press to taste the juice. His forefathers cultivated cereals and vines for decades, but Fernand has a clear preference for work in the vineyard.

At the end of the Second World War, the Alsatian vineyard undergoes a revival and 1949 sees the start of the great wine adventure in the family.


Fernand and Elisa move to Rorschwihr, to the farm belonging to their forebears. The farm includes a few acres of vineyard. The post-war years are tough, but Fernand remains optimistic.


Alsatian vineyards are hit by severe frost, wine is hard to come by. This catastrophe gives rise to a completely unexpected turn of events. Fernand is able to sell his last vat of wine for a small fortune. This transaction will enable him to buy his first plot of vines.


Bernard, his son and Danielle, Bernard’s wife, join forces with Fernand and Elisa.


Premises are built at the entrance to the village. The estate, now sited beside the wine trail heading towards the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg, turns its attention to selling directly to the public.


First exports to Northern European countries begin.


First land consolidation program carried out in Alsace. This enables the Clos des Anges to come into being.


Our daughter, Sandrine, joins us, together with Xavier (from 100% Norman stock !). Successive purchases of vineyard plots. The estate now covers 32 hectares.


Bernard shows symptoms of sudden, acute allergy attacks. Phytosanitary (plant health) products appear to be the cause of these problems. First organic farming trials.


The business embarks on an organic farming program (certified by ECOCERT).


All 41 hectares of the estate are now organically farmed.


The family undertakes a construction program, expanding the premises with a new tasting room boasting a panoramic view.


The "Gloeckelberg" is the third Grand Cru to enrich the range of our exceptional terroirs. The 2009 vintage will be the first available on the estate. The Engel Fernand estate now covers 52 hectares.


On the 7th of March 2013 a fire (started by criminals) reduce the agricultural building containing all the wine-growing equipment and the presses to ashes. The work is titanic; the reconstruction is completed at the beginning of October on the eve of the harvest.
That same year, the estate also includes the buildings and vines of the Freyburger Claude estate in Bergheim. Our vineyard now extends over 62 hectares with a 4th Grand Cru, the Mandelberg.


Amélie, Fernand's great-granddaughter, returns to the estate. She will now look after the export market with Xavier.