Riesling - Sélection Grains Nobles - Doux / Sweet

Grape variety:


Mention Sélection de Grains Nobles :

Sélection de Grains Nobles (or Selection of Nobles Grapes) is made of overripe grapes. The natur sugar content shall be above 16.4 % natural alcohol potential. AOC approval tasting is rigourously done in order to insure his excellence.

Parcels situation:

Parcelle de Rorschwihr, exposition Sud-Est sur sols argilo-calcaires et roche mère de calcaire dur. Sols profonds, caillouteux à très bon potentiel.

Vineyard work:

This exploitation is led according to the mode of the Organic Agriculture - controlled by ECOCERT - FR-BIO-01.
Organic wine.


- Colour: Gold yellow, with amber reflection, limpid.
- Aromas: Great character, intense and very distinctive. Nuances of citrus, pink grapefruit, lemon and floral fragances (broom). Some notes advanced (turpentine, balsamic notes, camphor, beeswax).
- Mouth taste: The attack reveals dense acidity from noble riesling. Fine minerality that urge tirelessly this grape. Persistent and impressive aromas of beeswax, citrus, passion fruits. 
- Caracteristics of the wine: Excellent wine, original and rare!


- Wine and food harmony: Wonderful alone after lunch or diner. Nice for an exceptionnal aperitif, with desserts. It's possible to try a sweetbread, a meat delicate sweet and sour sauce...
Service Temperature : 10-11°
- Ageing : 15 years

Quantité :
25,00 €